Suzuki DF70A Lean Burn

DF70 / 80/90 Suzuki’s new middle class.

Suzuki has set new standards for the four-stroke engines.

Ten years after Suzuki launched the revolution of four-stroke outboard engines with the award-winning DF60 and DF70 models, Suzuki redefined this category with the three new DF70, DF80, and DF90 models. The first of Suzuki’s new four-generation generation, they are a model of progress and performance. Just think of the electronically controlled, sequential multi-point fuel injection system, the powerful 2.59: 1 transmission reduction and the maintenance-free, self-adjusting control chain used by the DF40 / DF50 in 1999. In addition, these outboard engines have Suzuki’s tried and tested offset drive shaft technology, which, combined with the newly developed engine block, makes the DF70 a powerful four-stroke outboard motor. This compact lightweight design makes each of the three outboard motors the ideal drive concept for a wide range of boat types.

The engine linings have a new design on the sides and the “S” logo from Suzuki on the front gives these outboard motors a sleek look.

This Suzuki outboard motor complies with the European EU 1 standard and can be used on Lake Constance.