Suzuki DF60A Lean Burn


The DF60A Lean Burn engine, which has been on sale since 2010, runs extremely economical and is full of innovative technical details that make it strong and exciting.

With this engine generation, Suzuki has brought together many of the improvements that have pioneered both the four-wheel outboard engine design and development over the past decade to unite them in the all-new DF60A.

The Suzuki engineers have designed the DF60A Lean Burn engine as the lightest and most compact motor. Even more important, however, is its excellent low-fuel operation, without having to compromise on fun. The DF60A Lean Burn engine is also very slim, which gives it the first place in terms of compactness and lightness in the 60 hp class.

The heart of the outboard engine is a completely new DOHC three-cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder. The combination of this high-performance engine with Suzuki’s lean mixture control promises an exciting performance capacity with economical operation.

This Suzuki outboard motor complies with the European EU 1 standard and can be used on Lake Constance.