Suzuki DF200AP Lean Burn

Long shaft / Ultra Long Shaft

In addition to the DF200A, Suzuki also provides the DF200AP with even more modern technology. The DF200AP is the first 200-hp outboard motor available on the market with Suzuki precision drive-by-wire system and selective rotation direction. With Suzuki’s selective rotation direction, the dealership can place a motor either in the standard direction of rotation or as a left-hand rotation model thanks to the special transmission in the underwater part and the electronic shifting system. In addition, the DF200AP models will have a start-up system without an ignition key. The system uses a coded key hanger that transmits an access code to the electronic control unit. For this purpose the key trailer must be located within a radius of approx. 1.5 m to the central unit of the starter system. The driver simply turns on the ignition system at the ignition switch and starts the engine at the push of a button. At the end of the trip, the engine and ignition switch are switched off and it goes home.