Suzuki DF200A Lean Burn

Long shaft / Ultra Long Shaft

A glance at the new engine hood of the DF200A is enough to say: this outboard is something special! The shape of the bonnet is, however, more than just modern styling. The design and special airflow under the hood function as a semi-direct intake system, which directs cooler air directly into the engine’s long-track intake system. The engine breathes more efficiently thanks to Suzuki’s tried-and-tested variable valve control and double inlet and outlet valves per cylinder.

The cooler intake air improves both the acceleration and the final speed. In fact, Suzuki factory tests show an improved final speed of 1.5% and an acceleration of the acceleration from 0 to 30 mph by a remarkable 12% compared to the competitors’ models.

Furthermore, the improved compression ratio of 10.3: 1 contributes to the performance increase. The Suzuki engineers were able to boost the performance of the DOHC engine by an impressive 2,867 cm³ displacement by a higher compression of the fuel-air mixture by 9.7%.